Marco Herrera, tour guide in Ecuador

I am a Licensed Tour Guide in Ecuador (In Ecuador I am called guía nacional de turismo). I have more than fifteen years working in tourism. I studied historical tourism in the university and I have learned english by myself. I love my profession.

How to hire a private tour guide in Ecuador ?

According with the laws of Ecuador it is forbidden to hire a tour guide directly. Always it has to be through an travel agency.

Here in Ecuador there are three type of tour guides: local tour guide (guia local), national tour guide (guía nacional de turismo) and specialized tour guide ( guía especializado)

How to hire a private guide-driver in Ecuador ?

In Ecuador a person can not be a tour guide and driver at the same time. It is illegal. However, for reasons of convenience between the user of the service and the provider, we are forced to provide a guide-driver service, even knowing that it is illegal.

Recommendations to visit Ecuador

For the altitude in the andean highlands

Most of our tourists come from lowlands or at least lower than this altitude. It is a bit brusque for the human body to change the altitudes that are significantly different. The low pressure of oxygen on the altitude provoque uncomfortable reactions. For this reason it is recommended to acclimatize the body.To acclimatize the body people have to start reducing the speed of walking, controlling the rhythm of breathing and climbing up gradually.

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